Director of Music, Cynthia Azarcon

Cynthia AV Azarcon has served Belmont Heights United Methodist since 1988, when she started out as a squeaky green soprano soloist, while working toward her Bachelor of Music degree at CSULB. She was quickly promoted to choir director, within one year, mostly because she was the only one with one semester of conducting under her belt, and the other director moved out of the area! Cynthia's performing experience includes singing on the stages of the OC Performing Arts Center, Long Beach Opera, and the Crystal Cathedral. She has also been a featured soloist and chorister with the Camerata Singers of Long Beach, Zephyr: Voices Unbound, and the Los Angeles Chamber Singers, and Cappella. She has composed music for and acted in the Long Beach Shakespeare Company and Vanguard Theater in Orange County. Cynthia now divides her time between music and her other passion, teaching English as a second language to adults at the School of Continuing Education, North Orange County Community College District. Cynthia is happy to lend her talents toward other ministries of the church, Including the Women's Retreat Team.  Cynthia conducts the Adult Chancel Choir during worship services every Sunday, as well as oversees all music programming, such as Children's Choir, Vacation Bible School, and Praise Band. Cynthia feels blessed to have such a talented and dedicated crew of singers. Their devotion to the Music Ministry has enabled Cynthia to realize and be a part of many exciting projects, such as the Resident Treasures Concert Series, the Annual Choral Festival, Sing-Along Messiah concert, and fifth Sunday special music such as Bluegrass, Hawaiian, and Jazz. Besides delivering a wide variety of music genres to worship every week, Cynthia has successfully collaborated on concerts with Lakewood, Cal Heights, and Grace UMCs. Cynthia looks forward to ways she can further the Conference's directive to build connections within the district, while also reaching out to the Long Beach and Los Angeles arts communities. 


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